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For over 30 years
EIGNER MESSTECHNIK has been developing and producing units and systems for the sector of
     • measuring and control systems engineering
       Initially for steel works, the mining industry, the chemical industry (=explosion protection),  and today especially for
       the mechanical engineering and automobile industries as well as the environmental protection sector.
The focus of our activities constitutes
     • the design, development and manufacture of electronic components, units and complete systems
       for individual and customised applications;
     • support during development and testing afforded by "personal on-site presence";
       and the development and manufacture of standard products.
Our services range from
     • consultation,
     • system planning,
     • and the development of components,
     • to the preparation of software for data transfer (driver development) and data evaluation.
Our aim is to always present an
     • optimum and reliable result.
The tools needed to achieve this aim is our know-how in
     • analog, digital and microprocessor technology,
     • our software competence,
     • and our skills in building units and complete systems.
Our customers include the development and test departments of many
     • leading German and international major companies (automotive and electric industry)
     • medium-sized enterprises (mechanical and plant engineering)
     • university and research institutes (basic research on automotive)
     • small and medium engineering offices (mostly measuring services).
in the company history:
An example of particularly sophisticated units and systems -
either customer-specific special development or our own product ideas.
e-m1 e-m1 With which started it all:
The world-wide first intrinsically safe measuring data logging system with active measuring sensors and comprehensive data evaluation software suitable for use in the mining industry.
TELEMESS.PCM TELEMESS.PCM World-wide first Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) - Demodulator combined with a DMA interface placed on an ISA board.
Software selectable bit rates: 5...640 kBit/s, selectable numbers of channels: 1-2-4-8-16.
WaDas WaDas Wide-Area Data Acquisition System: a unique measuring system for the time-synchronous recording of dynamic analogue parameters (e.g. pressure) with many measuring stations over great distances.
CANclip ® CANclip - Contactless CAN Monitor The world´s first smart contactless CAN monitor for testing, development, fleet management systems (FMS) etc.
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