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IEPE module


 These product lines represent our current spectrum of products in series production.
 IEPE (ICP®) module 1:

IEPE Signal Conditioning Amplifier - ICP-FM1
 ICP-FM1n - IEPE (ICP®) signal conditioning module   →  IEPE module selection support
 Easy to use:
   - no setting, no adjustment: gain +1, IEPE excitation 24VDC / 4mA
   - single power supply 12V...15V
   - new version: charge pump switching frequency 100kHz - increased effective bandwidth
 Available in 2 versions:
   - A: suitable for front panel mounting
   - B: suitable for main board mounting
 Product info: ICP-FM1n ds screen.pdf  [149 kByte info in 'EN']
 IEPE (ICP®) module 2:

IEPE Signal Conditioning Amplifier - ICP-FM3
 ICP-FM3 - IEPE (ICP®) signal conditioning module   →  IEPE module selection support
 Versatile DC / AC / IEPE (ICP®) signal conditioning plus Active Filters
   - switchable IEPE excitation current: 2-4-6-8 or 1-2-3-4 [mA]
   - fixed or switchable gain: 1-2-5-10 combined with 1-10-100
   - 4/8-pole Butterworth/Bessel low-pass 500Hz-20kHz, Fcut-off as desired
   - power supply ±12 to ±15V plus 24V
   - suitable for front panel mounting (A) or main board mounting (B)
 Product info: ICP-FM3 ds screen.pdf  [69 kByte info in 'EN']
 Broschüre: ICP-FM3 man DE.pdf  [2609 kByte in 'DE']
 Brochure: ICP-FM3 man EN.pdf  [2609 kByte in 'EN']
 IEPE (ICP®) module 3:

IEPE signal conditioning module for front panel mounting
IEPE signal conditioning module for main board mounting
IEPE signal conditioning module for main board mounting
 ICP-FM4.2 - IEPE (ICP®) signal conditioning module   →  IEPE module selection support
 Easy to use - settings specified when ordering:
   - Gain 1 - 2 - 5 [V/V] or customer specific e. g. G = 1.428 [V/V] for input ±7V to output ±10V
   - IEPE excitation 2 - 4 - 8 [mA] @ 24V
   - Single power supply 12V to 15V,
      internal charge pump to negative supply and +24V IEPE excitation
   - Output range either 0 to ±5/10V balanced to GND or
      0 to +5V with offset +2.5V for unbalanced AD-converters 0 to 5V
      0 to +3.3V with offset +1.65V for unbalanced AD-converters 0 to 3.3V
   - Wide ranges of IEPE input: ±1 to ±10 V / signal output: ±5V, ±10V, 0 to +5V, 0 to +3.3V
   - Fault detection: open circuit or short to GND - indicated by ext. FAULT LED
 Available in 2 versions:
   - A: designed for front panel mounting
   - B 1/2: designed for main board mounting with different overall hight
 Product info: ICP-FM4.2 ds screen.pdf  [192 kByte  info in 'EN']
 Order form: ICP-FM4.2 order form.pdf  [56 kByte  select. guide in 'EN']  Download and edit with PDF sw!
 IEPE (ICP®) module 4:

 ICP-DM5   →  IEPE module selection support
 The IEPE (ICP®) excitation and signal conditioning device ICP-DM5 is designed for installation
 in control cabinets with 35 mm DIN rail mounting.
   - Constant current excitation for IEPE Sensors 4 mA @ 30 VDC
   - Input high-pass filter for decoupling the DC offset of the IEPE circuit
   - Amplifier with switchable amplification 1 - 2 - 5 - 10 [V/V]
   - Low pass filter with two switchable cut-off frequencies, alternative bypass switch
   - Galvanic isolation of the measuring circuit from the 12/24 V control cabinet supply by means of
     electrically isolated DC / DC converters for IEPE and device supply
 Product info: ICP-DM5 ds screen.pdf  [240 kByte  info in 'EN']
 IEPE (ICP®) housing 1:
 Modules ICP-FMx

 More housing variants
 → services
Housing IEPE signal conditioning - ICP-FM1 ICP-FM3 ICP-FM4
 ICP-FMx - Housing and power supply for 4 modules "ICP-FMx"
  →  IEPE module selection support
 Robust aluminum profile housing with built-in power supply board.
 (Illustration example: ICP-FM3)
 Power supply board "ICP-FM3_PowerSupply":
 Input supply voltages (9-18VDC / 18-36VDC / 9-36VDC) converted to the internal
 supply voltages ±15VDC and +24 VDC, required by the modules ICP-FM3.
 Broschüre: ICP-FM3 man DE.pdf  [2609 kByte in 'DE']
 Brochure: ICP-FM3 man EN.pdf  [2609 kByte in 'EN']
 More housing variants → services
 IEPE (ICP®) test tool 1:

Picture: IEPE Testing Tool - ICP EMULATOR I  ICP EMULATOR I - IEPE (ICP®) sensor simulation tool
 ICP EMULATOR I facilitates the testing of amplifiers with IEPE inputs if there is no calibrated
 engine test bench (shaker) for IEPE transducers available.
 Product info: ICP-EMULATOR-I ds screen.pdf  [27 kByte info in 'EN']
 Broschüre: ICP-EMULATOR-I man DE.pdf  [67 kByte in 'DE']
 Brochure: ICP-EMULATOR-I man EN.pdf  [63 kByte in 'EN']
 IEPE (ICP®) test tool 3:

 Multi-channel IEPE (ICP®) Sensor Simulator - operation similar to our known ICP EMULATOR I
   - Built as modules in a 19" front panel system (3 U / 6 HP)
   - Cascadable in steps of 3 channels - 7 modules each with 3 channels fit into a ½ 19" rack
   - Connectrors: BNC for signal generator input - Bananas for IEPE output
   - Matched to fixed IEPE excitation currents - standard 4 mA, others on request
 Product info: IEPE SENSIM 3.21 Man en.pdf  [1 MByte  info in 'EN']
 Active Filters:
 module AF08

AF08 - Active Filter Module
 Active Filters AF08
 You want to create your own data acquisition system - measuring amps, anti-aliasing filters etc?
 Yes? Then simply make use of our versatile module Active Filters AF08 !
 AF08 is a pluggable module 22*48 mm², but connector grid 1/10 inch (2.54 mm)
 AF08 ist available in 2 designs:
   - A: single, fixed cut-off frequency filter
   - B: switchable cut-off frequencies (also with remote control TTL/CMOS level) in 2-3-4 steps
          with your preferred cut-off frequencies in the range of 50Hz to 50kHz.
 You can order AF08 with filter responses "Butterworth" or "Bessel".
 AF08 is available in a standard configuration with "Butterworth" in 4 steps 100-200-500-1000 [Hz].
 Product info: AF08 ds screen.pdf  [169 kByte info in 'EN']
 Active Filters:
 housing 1

AF08 - Active Filters Mainboard and Housing
 Mainboard / Housing for 4 modules Active Filters AF08 (acc. to Active Filters AF08)
 Mainboard for filter modules for installation in customer systems
 or installed in standard housing
   - mainboard with plug-in module connectors and power supply components
   - mainboard size 100 x 70 [mm] suitable for EURO-board housings
   - on board connector for remote control (front panel switch or microcontroller-bus)
   - power supply 9-18VDC (opt. 9-36VDC), 5W max.
   - metal housing (with/without mounting brackets) size 105 x 43 x 108 [mm]
     (standard - others on request)
   - BNC plugs for input and output, banana plugs for power supply
     (standard - others on request)
   - optional: Front panel rotary switch for selecting the filter cut-off frequencies
 Broschüre: AF08 man DE.pdf  [3926 kByte in 'DE']
 Brochure: AF08 man EN.pdf  [3900 kByte in 'EN']
 Active Filters:
 housing 2

Housing AF08 - Active Filters Front with Rotary Switch
 AF08 - Filter cut-off frequency setting by rotary switch (acc. to Active Filters AF08)
 When each of the built-in filter modules should get the same frequency setting,
 there is a more comfortable way than opening the housing:
   - Rotary switch - mounted on the front panel.
 Broschüre: AF08 man DE.pdf  [3926 kByte in 'DE']
 Brochure: AF08 man EN.pdf  [3900 kByte in 'EN']
 ICP® reg. trademark PCB Group Inc.
 More information on request: info[at]eigner-messtechnik[dot]de  Please specify in your enquiry mail the product you are interested in.
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